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A Pioneering Collaboration: Your Faith, Your Online World

In a new collaboration formed in 2023, The Baptist Union, The Methodist Church, The Moravian Church, The Quakers, and The Institute for Children, Youth and Mission join together to launch "Your Faith, Your Online World," an innovative, and project aimed at empowering young people to explore what it means to be a Christian and how that interweaves with navigating life online.

About the Project: 

"Your Faith, Your Online World" transcends the conventional by exploring the intersection of faith and the digital realm. This initiative goes beyond traditional online safety talks, offering a dynamic space for self-expression, faith exploration, and thoughtful online engagement. In an era where the online and real worlds seamlessly merge, the project recognizes the importance of addressing the unique challenges and opportunities this integration brings.

Why this project is so important:

In today's interconnected world, young people are navigating complex digital landscapes. The project delves into key themes, including values, relationships, choices, and safety. It encourages open discussions on how one's faith influences online interactions, aiming to encourage a generation of digitally empowered Christians who authentically express their faith in the online sphere.

There is a huge amount of online safety guidance, and we’ve learnt that young people have great knowledge of how to keep safe online. What has not been discussed is to what extent young people in the church can navigate their online life as a Christian. 

The project trained up a set of peer researchers aged 11-16 to ensure authenticity of questions and topics, this team led a research project that helped develop a set of films and resources to help youth leaders facilitate sessions.

Leaders from participating denominations express their enthusiasm for this collaboration:

Rachel Stone, HR and Safeguarding Team Leader, The Baptist Union of Great Britain " 'Your Faith, Your Online World' is space to for young Christians to explore how navigate, behave and make choices in the digital age. Our faith is not confined to the physical church; it permeates every aspect of our lives and this project equips youth to explore how their faith translates into online world."

Karen Allen, Safeguarding Casework Supervisor, The Methodist Church states "Our collaboration underscores the unity we have in equipping the next generation. This initiative reflects our commitment to addressing the evolving needs of young people in an increasingly digital society. We are delighted to have worked as a project steering group to create a free resource that could impact thousands of young people"

Joy Raynor, The Moravian Church: "By encouraging young people to explore how their faith impacts their online world, we commence on a journey of reflection on values, behaviours, choices and personal growth. This project is a testament to our shared responsibility in nurturing the next generation of faithful digital citizens."

Paul Tilley, Young Peoples integration Coordinator, The Quakers: "Your Faith, Your Online World' invites young people to bring light into the digital space with their authentic selves, guided by the principles of faith and integrity."

Will Munton, The Institute for Children, Youth and Mission: "As an institute dedicated to youth development and mission, we are thrilled to have led this collaborative effort. 'Your Faith, Your Online World' aligns with our commitment to empowering young individuals to live out their faith intentionally in every facet of their lives. We feel this collaboration is the start of something exciting, and a great example of working across the denominations to create high impact, far reaching projects."

Get involved: The project steering group invites Christian news outlets, radio shows, and church news organisations to engage with and share this transformative initiative. By shining a light on "Your Faith, Your Online World," we collectively empower young Christians to thrive in their digital journey.

For media inquiries, please contact: Will Munton, Director of Development and Partnerships, The Institute for Children, Youth and Mission. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 07738091719 or Rachel Stone, HR and Safeguarding Team Leader, The Baptist Union of Great Britain, 01235 517730 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

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