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MWA (Moravian Women's Association) Central Committee Decisions

Each year the MWA holds an annual Central Committee meeting to decide the Projects that the MWA will support. The theme which will be reflected upon in our monthly Devotional papers, the annual MWA Day and at the Retreat and of course the all-important elections to the Executive Committee. For those of you not familiar with the MWA, there are two committees which run the MWA. The Executive Committee consists of seven Sisters elected from within the membership - generally this committee meets twice a year. The Central Committee consists of the Executive members plus one Sister from each of the Districts. This role rotates around each Circle in the District so every Circle has an opportunity to send a representative to the Central Committee at some point. In effect this means that every Sister in the MWA will hopefully have an opportunity to attend Central Committee and participate in the decision-making of the MWA. The Moravian Church's representative to the 'World Day of Prayer' organisation also has a seat on the Committee and this year, for the first time we were pleased to welcome a representative of 'The Seedlings' our online Circle.


Like many committees, the MWA struggles to find people who are willing and able to take up roles on the Executive Committee. This year it was necessary to elect a new President and a new Home and Overseas Secretary as both Sisters in these roles (myself and Sr Naomi Barker) had served their maximum terms. Sr Gillian Taylor was elected as President and I was elected as Home and Overseas Secretary for the next three years commencing in September 2021. Whilst obviously happy that these important roles are filled, we now require a treasurer (Sr Taylor is our current treasurer) and it would be good to have fresh perspectives at both Executive and Central Committee meetings.


Suggestions for themes come from the Circles via the District Representatives. Central Committee discuss all the suggestions and decide upon which idea we will use. This year there were three separate suggestions that the devotional papers reflect upon climate change and the environment. We eventually settled on the title of 'Dreams and Visions'; a title which we felt could incorporate environmental concerns as well as other ideas suggested by other Circles. Sr Diane Thornton will now produce nine papers on this theme, and it will be explored during the Retreat and by our keynote speaker at next year's Away Day.


This is the part of the meeting which generally takes up the most time. Central Committee receives many suggestions for charities to support both from within the membership and from the PEC. There is always money in the project fund to make immediate payments to various causes or projects and a decision has to be taken regarding what projects the MWA membership will work towards. From £5,000, Central Committee decided to make the following payments: £1,000 to replenish the Disaster Fund; £500 to be sent to each of the following: Unity Women's Desk (UWD) fund to keep 12 Masai girls in education, to support the Moravian presence in Myanmar, for the registration of programmes in Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy at the University in Western Tanzania and finally to Research for Dementia; £250 to each of the following: help complete the church building at Khokona in Nepal, to help complete the external fittings of a new Kindergarten building at Star Mountain Rehabilitation Centre, ME Association, Tabby's Trust (Children's Brain Tumour Research), Butterflies Mental Health, NW Air Ambulances, Swindon Night Shelter and the Asthma Trust. The following projects will be supported by the MWA during 2021-2022: at least £500 towards the UWD fund for Masai girls; £750 or the British Province's Summer Camp and £750 for Action Medical Research for Children. If you are interested in knowing more about any of the above projects more details will appear in the Home and Overseas papers which will be posted on the MWA page of the British Province's website.

Important dates

Next year's Central Committee will be held on 29th April at Dukinfield Moravian Church. Away Day will be on 30th April hopefully at Fairfield Moravian Church. In September (3rd- 5th) the MWA Retreat on the theme of 'Wonder Women! - Then and Now' will be held at the Briery Retreat Centre, Ilkley. This will be led by Sr Patsy Holdsworth. From 6th-8th May 2022 there will be a Retreat on the theme of 'Dreams and Visions' held at Drumalis, Larne, N. Ireland.

I hope this article has given a flavour of the MWA - if anyone would like more information on anything mentioned above or would like to be involved in the MWA please do not hesitate to contact me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sr Janet Cooper
President of the MWA

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