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Moravian Elected as Chair for the Irish Council of Churches

The Irish Council of Churches (ICC) was founded in 1923 in the aftermath of the partition of Ireland and the subsequent civil war and is the formal national body through which member churches in Ireland, North and South formally engage, dialogue and act on a wide variety of issues. It is established by the member churches and funded by them.

There are currently 16 different denominations in the ICC.

The ICC Executive meets four times a year and is made up of church general secretaries and other nominated representatives from across the range of Protestant, Orthodox, Reformed and Independent church traditions.

The PEC agreed in 1923 that the Moravian Church Irish district should be part of this having at that time Churches on both sides of the border. So it was that the Moravian Church was one of the seven original members: the Church of Ireland, Methodist, Presbyterian, non-subscribing Presbyterian, Congregational and the Quakers being the other six.

The Moravian representative is usually the Irish district chair or someone nominated at the Irish District Conference to represent them.

The ICC executive elects a President who serves for two years and the President is the public face of the ICC. The Position of President of the ICC usually rotates around the three largest denominations of Presbyterian, Methodist and Church of Ireland but roughly every 15 years one of the smaller denominations takes on the Presidency.

It was a great delight when Br Joe Cooper (Ep Fra) was elected as President in 1995 and 1996 the first time since 1923 that a Moravian had held the post.

It is now time to celebrate again as Sr Sarah Groves (Ep Fra) has at the AGM of the ICC been elected Vice President for 2022 and 2023 and then President for 1924-1925 leading ecumenism in Ireland into its next 100 years.

Br Mark Kernohan
University Road, Belfast

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