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Ordination of Sr Christine Emanuel

The Ordination as Deacon of Sr Christine Emanuel took place at Hornsey Moravian Church on Saturday 26th March. The presiding Bishop was Br Joachim Kreusel and the liturgy was shared with Sr Sarah Groves. The church was full, and Sr Christine was supported by her fellow ministers, both serving and retired.

Ordinations are always a time to give thanks, celebrate and rejoice, and this special day in the life and ministry of Christine was no different. After four years of formal study and several months serving as Student Minister at Harold Road, Ordination marks the end of that part of Christine's formation for ministry and the beginning of a new chapter. We wish her every blessing in the future and pray that the path she treads in the service of her Lord and Saviour and his Church is a real blessing to us all.
The Church is often described as a family, and with good reason. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. And yet, this special day had an additional dimension to this sense of family. It was a family affair in something more than a theological sense. It is tradition within our church that ordinands are invited to choose a hymn and suggest someone they would like to preach at their Ordination, and Br Edwin Quildan, Christine's brother, gave the message.

Edwin spoke with authority and from the heart, stressing the importance of remaining faithful to God and the need to cling to one's faith in the Saviour. He also stressed the importance of following our personal sense of Call, for this originates from God, and that that we all must put our trust in him. Finally, Edwin issued a challenge, not only to Christine but to us all, asking if we were willing to accept the Call of Jesus Christ?

It is often said that if the Moravian Church does something once it is a one-off, but to do the same thing twice makes it a Moravian Tradition. If this is the case, then we have created a new tradition. Using modern technology is nothing new to the church over the last couple of years, and this service was live streamed on YouTube. As this is, I think, now the third Ordination or Consecration that has been beamed live like this, we have a new tradition to upkeep, treasure and rejoice in. But seriously, live streaming also means that other people can join us from the comfort of their homes (wherever they may be) and from the passenger seats of at least one car. Br and Sr Holdsworth had set out from their home in Bristol in good time to make the journey along the M4 to London, but unfortunately found themselves caught up in traffic congestion due to an accident on the motorway. They gave their apologies, and our prayers are with all those directly involved in this incident and the emergency services who attended the incident.

Following the service all were invited to share in a feast in the hall kindly prepared by the members of the Harold Road and Hornsey congregations. Those who know Harold Road's home will know that it isn't big enough to accommodate such a large congregation. Hence the change of venue to Hornsey. In many ways, the team approach to hosting this occasion is very significant as Hornsey is Christine's home congregation. On behalf of the Province, I would like to thank both congregations for their hospitality. As always, this Moravian gathering was no different to any other. Tables were beautifully laid out for people to sit and eat (and talk - it was a Moravian event after all), and the smaller hall was used to lay out a whole array of wonderful things to eat. And to top the occasion off, a wonderful cake was shared by all.

I have always thought that spring is a good time of the year for an Ordination as hope speaks both loudly and clearly. It is also a good time to thank God for bringing us through another winter, again proving that his hand is at work in the world. Perhaps this was even more poignant, for it would appear that the restrictions of the last couple of years, brought on by COVID-19, have somewhat eased.

May God continue to bless Christine, her family and his whole church, guiding and protecting us all as we respond to his Call of service and as witnesses to his power and glory.

Br David Howarth
Provincial Board

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