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Young People's Missionary Association News
The Young People's Missionary Association (YPMA) of the Moravian Church regularly collects money for good causes around the world and last year this wonderful group of people raised £8,611 for some great projects. This money is sent
to Church House and put into a reserve fund from which selected projects are supported. However, not all of the money received is spent in one year but can be distributed in subsequent years because of the differing needs and issues that Moravian Churches across the world face e.g. more money was spent in 2017 than was collected.
Some money from this fund is set aside every year for the Moravian Schools in Ladakh, a region of Jammu Kashmir in Northern India. Last year £500 was sent to Leh School, £500 to Shey School and £2,000 to the school in Khalatse. Leh is the capital of Ladakh and our Church is the only Christian presence there. Ladakh has in the past been a very isolated area because of its altitude and the extreme cold in winter, but it is now visited by many tourists. However, Ladakh is also an area of great tension as the Jammu Kashmir region borders with Pakistan and China and some of the territory is disputed with both countries, so nearly one third of the Indian Army is stationed in the state.
In 2017, a further £4,000 was paid to Khalatse School to pay for a minibus to bring children in to school from the village of Lamayuru. Safe transport for the children is very important and no buses more than 10 years old are allowed on the roads.
Some YPMA money is also set aside every year for Elim Home in the Western Cape of South Africa: a home for young adults who live with severe handicaps; and £1,000 was sent to Elim Home last year.
One of the YPMA projects in 2016 was the Burren Chernobyl Project: an Irish charity which supports the Goradiche Orphanage in Belarus. Radioactive material fell across eastern Ukraine and Belarus following an explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant on 26th April 1986 which was one of the most disastrous nuclear power plant accidents in history. Amongst the casualties were many who suffered long-term health issues, disabilities, poverty
and evacuation from their homes. Many children were looked after in Children's Homes and
Orphanages. The money that we sent in 2017
to the Burren Chernobyl Project (£1,360) helped them to buy some new wheelchairs for the children with disabilities who endure the effects of exposure
to radiation and the other social and economic problems facing them. More about this charity can
be found at:
Although not originally selected in advance as a YPMA project, £2,365 was sent to Western Tanzania in 2017 to help buy new motorbikes for the Moravian Evangelists in the Province. This was done in partnership with the Moravian Church in America and will help the evangelists travel to some very isolated rural villages.
In total, the YPMA funds sent out £11,726 in 2017 for these wonderful projects.
You might remember that one of the projects for 2017 was to help pay for a new washing machine to help washing the clothes of the children at Star Mountain, a centre for children with handicaps in Ramallah in Palestine. However, a new machine has not yet been purchased so the money to help with this remains in our reserves until it is needed.
The last project that we had for 2017 was to help provide books for the Moravian Church in Burundi, East Africa. The Moravian Church there really needs theological books in the native languages to help with their growing mission, and £4,574 was paid out in 2018 so does not appear in the total sent in 2017. We hope to have more information and pictures on this later in the year.
Thank you to everyone for all for the amazing work, donations, collections and the special events that you do to support YPMA. Sr Sarah Groves Ballinderry and Gracehill Based on an article written for Gracehill and with very grateful thanks
to Sr Roberta Hoey for recent information.
© Sr Roberta Hoey

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