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Dear Friends,
You will be aware of the facts published over the past week or so relating to the issue of sexual abuse in Oxfam’s programme in Haiti and the wider safeguarding risks this has highlighted in all international aid agencies. I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling dismayed as news reports have unfolded.
The accounts of a group of individuals who have betrayed the trust of the people they seek to serve in Haiti reveal behaviour that is inexcusable. Their actions have undermined the life-saving work carried out by Oxfam and all aid and humanitarian organisations, including our own.
You may have also heard Christian Aid’s name mentioned in news reports. Last week, The Sunday Times asked our media team to inform them of any reported sexual misconduct amongst Christian Aid staff in the past year. We told them that two staff members, nationals overseas, had been found in breach of our strict code of conduct. These incidents were not in Haiti. Neither individual had acted criminally nor had their misconduct been directed towards anyone who is supported by Christian Aid. In both cases we took swift action and investigated which led to a dismissal in one instance, and a full report to the Charity Commission. Please see our website for a more detailed public statement: statement-on-sexual-harassment-claims-in-the-sector/
Please be reassured that Christian Aid takes safeguarding incredibly seriously. We recognise our duty to protect and safeguard vulnerable communities. We believe that any abuse of power, including sexual violence or harassment, is totally unacceptable. We will always investigate allegations
19th February 2018
and report safeguarding breaches to the relevant authorities, including the Charity Commission. As a sector, we need to be willing to recognise that this is an issue that affects us all. We will continue to work with staff and our local partners to root out any attitudes and behaviours that support such breaches of trust. There is no excuse for hiding abuse or failing to act when vulnerable people or staff are put at risk.
Christian Aid has been working in Haiti through our local partners since the 1980s. We support people to earn a living, and prepare and respond to disasters. Poor communities find it hard to cope with the effects of natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. We cannot turn our backs on them now.
Our partners’ work in Haiti has saved thousands of lives and helped build hundreds of houses for people affected by disasters. But there is still much more to be done. Currently, there are around 38,000 people still living in tents in Haiti, and according to the United Nations in Haiti there are still around 2 million people in need of humanitarian support. This Christian Aid Week, 13-19 May 2018, we’re asking you to help support displaced people in Haiti, and elsewhere, so they can live in safety and withstand the storms of life.
Please continue to remember Christian Aid and our staff in your prayers. We, as a faith-based organisation, are firmly committed to protecting the most vulnerable and upholding the dignity of the individual person. Please pray that the God will guide and strengthen Christian Aid, for the sake of those we seek to serve in the world’s poorest countries.
With every blessing,
David Pain
Director of Supporter and Community Partnerships
Elections to Provincial Board and Standing Committees at Synod 2018
There will be elections for the following positions on the Provincial Board and the Standing Committees at Synod 2018:
• Mission and Society Committee  • World Mission Committee  • Youth and Children's Committee  
Two members for four years
Two members for four years /      One member for two years
Two members for four years /      One member for two years
Two members for four years
• Provincial Board   • Church Service Committee  
• Finance Committee 
• Church Book Committee 
One full time member for four years /    Those who wish to stand for election to
• Faith and Order and Ecumenical Relations Committee       
One part time member for 4 years Two members for four years
Three members for four years /      One member for two years
Two members for four years /      One member for two years
any of these committees or to the Provincial Board should fill in a Nomination Form which is now available from your congregation or from Moravian Church House.
Nomination forms should be sent to the Provincial Board by 25th May 2018. However, late nomination forms will be accepted at Synod up to 1pm on the day before elections are due to take place. Elections will take place at the 2018 British Provincial Moravian Church Synod which opens on 6th July 2018.

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