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We have just come to the end of the first cycle of the new online Safeguarding training - phew! I thought they would not be as tiring as face-to-face training; wrong, they are every bit as exhausting for me and for this first cycle I had the worry and concern of writing the sessions and hoping they would fit the time allocated as well as the usual will they/won't they participate. Fortunately, people mostly engaged, and the sessions seem to have gone well. There are lessons to learn, of course, and more topics to explore but for the time being the three levels of training are a good start.
Training on Zoom has it challenges, not least the fact my internet isn't always very reliable, and I've dropped out of the training more than once. Considering I live in an industrial town my internet is rubbish! I find it really hard not to be able to see everyone when I have the slides up and have tried to keep them to as few as possible. Feedback has suggested that the level one training could be online, I agree but that will be a little while in being set up as it will require an interactive portal that records who has
done the training and when, and if they completed it, something our website isn't set up for yet. This may take a year or more to set up so please don't wait for this to happen as we have no time scale.
If you need the training ask your minister and they will give you the list of dates and internet links or email I have had some requests for face-to-face training and I will be doing these district by district in the Autumn for those who can't get online. Some churches/districts have requested level one trainings just for them and I can also do that if there is a group of people who are not confident Zooming with people they don't know.
Thank you to everyone who has attended the first batch of training, for your patience as I struggle with technology, and trying to make it interesting - not always very easy, and for your participation.
Sr Joy Raynor
National Safeguarding Lead
Jesus & Emotions
A Creative Journal for Families by Sara Hargreaves, design by Becca Smith, illustrations from Luiza Chandy
Spring cycle of trainings:
Level 1
Wednesday 12th May 19.00 Friday 14th May 10.30 Monday 28th June 10.30 Tuesday 29th June 19.00 Level 2
Tuesday 8th June 10.30 Tuesday 8th June 19.00 Level 3
Tuesday 6th July 19.00 Thursday 8th July 10.30
When we think about Jesus, do we think of his emotions? Sometimes they are stated quite clearly in the Gospels but at other times we must work them out from the narrative. Children have big emotions and need help to identify what they are, and why they are happening. This book helps families to look together at some big emotions, link them to how Jesus felt, and improve emotional literacy. It is made very clear that there are no good
or bad emotions, that all are valid, and it is helpful to name the emotions you may be feeling at any time. I think this book could be used by the over eights on their own but ideally a family will use it together to start the conversations about how we feel. Relating to Jesus' feelings can help us to understand emotions are part of who we are. The book can be bought as a digital download or a softback A4 book.
ISBN 978-0-9935799-9-8 published by Music and Worship Foundation for Engage Worship. Cost depends on how many copies you buy, and the format. To purchase go to:
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