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Yorkshire District Conference Report
Moravian Churches have been praised for their innovation in finding ways to continue worship during the pandemic.
At the spring conference of the Yorkshire District, which was held via Zoom on 20th February, Sr Roberta Hoey, of the Provincial Board, hailed congregations for their online services and reaching out to the more vulnerable among us. She said that while a lot of people were able to access the online services, some could not - but churches had been going out of their way to still keep in touch.
Youtube and Facebook had all been used to good effect and she told delegates that: 'I have seen all of you on screen at some point over the last year.'
Some of the more innovative ideas had included a drive-in Christingle service and a Christingle fashioned from a watermelon.
Looking ahead, we were informed that group meetings were being held to plan for Passion Week and Easter.
Sr Hoey also said it was important that Synod went ahead this June, albeit online. It would take a lot of planning and would be broken down into six one-hour sessions per day over the week. She added: 'we hope the spirit of Synod will still be very much there.'
It comes as the church nears its 300th anniversary in 2022, for which a decade of evangelism has already been outlined.
There are four roles vacant on the Provincial Board: one a full- time stipendiary for three years, one a full-time role for a year and two non-stipendiary members for three years. The full-time roles are based in London and accommodation is provided. Sr Hoey added: 'There are plenty of people in Yorkshire who are well placed to serve.'
On the Moravian Singers, co-director Sr Diane Thornton said it had not been possible to sing since February last year. Br Glyn Jones, who served alongside her as co-director, no longer wished to continue and Sr Thornton said she would 'pick up the pieces when we can get together again - maybe in September.' Br Jones was thanked for his contribution.
Elections were held for the Yorkshire delegates, who were all returned to their roles. Chair is Br Michael Newman, Sr Jane Dixon Vice Chair, Sr Thornton is Secretary, Br Les Machell Treasurer, Sr Dixon is Youth Co-ordinator, Br Ken Evans the Representative for West Yorkshire Churches Together and Dick Porter the Moravian Messenger Correspondent.
Br Dick Porter
The Spring conference for the Midlands District was held on the Zoom platform again on Saturday 27th February 2021.
Six brethren and ten sisters attended, and Br Kreusel led our opening devotions using the Morning Midweek Prayers booklet.
Br Holdsworth, representing the PEC, was welcomed to the meeting and he brought greetings from the Provincial Board and shared a PowerPoint with the work the PEC has been doing and are planning. The PEC report also included information about the Online Synod for this year and that Synod will still go ahead as planned in 2022.
Other areas highlighted were upcoming Easter services. Depending on Government guidelines the following has been recommended:
a) If re-opening is allowed then two services may go ahead during Passion Week - Maundy Thursday OR Good Friday AND one service on Easter Sunday. Holy Communion allowed at both services.
b) If churches are not open then one outside service, including Holy Communion, on Easter Sunday.
Sr Shorten asked about the Lay Preacher training course. Br Holdsworth said he will find out how this is progressing and will report back.
Sr Sarah Groves has been tasked with bringing the Provincial website up to date.
Br Holdsworth took the chair, and the following were elected to post for the coming year: Chair - Sr Shorten; Vice Chair - Br Kreusel; Secretary - Br Kesseler; Youth
Coordinator - Br P Battelle.
It was decided to host a joint District service to be held on 23rd May for Climate Sunday, on Zoom.
Br Battelle, the Midlands District Youth representative would like to visit all the congregations, when able, to see and share Youth work and future plans. Br Battelle is the British Province representative for the Unity Youth Committee who are meeting quarterly on Zoom at the moment.
The next meeting will be on Saturday 16th October 2021 at 10.30am to be held Zoom. The meeting closed at 12:11pm with all sharing the Grace together.
Sr Lorraine Shorten
Report from the Midlands District Spring Conference

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