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A Star of Bethlehem for Me
Dear Lord I pray there'll always be
A Star of Bethlehem for me Like that same Star whose glorious Light Gave guidance on the Holy Night For through our our lives we're journeying Like them to find a a Heavenly King Like them we have a a a a road to tread Like them must follow where we're led Sometimes we'll find our days may hold Sweet happiness as as pure as as Gold Or toil which leaves no recompense - Like drifting smoke from Frankincense And longing for the days that were
With the bitterness of Myrrh Then when our path through forest lies And tangled branches hide the skies Remind us whilst we strive to see - Our Saviour's Cross was once a a a Tree When hidden thorns bring pain and stress And fill our hearts with hopelessness And we stumble on with spirits down - Remind us - thorns were
once a Crown And sometimes we have useless pride And try to walk without a a guide And sometimes from the path we stray And find that we have lost our way So this is is why I pray there'll be
A Star of Bethlehem for Me
Sr Barbara Crompton
Date: 1st-5th August 2022
Place: BeverleyFriaryYouthHostel
HU17 0DF
For: young people ages 10-17
Availability: Limited spaces Cost: £130 each
Summer Camp 2022
will will have a a a a a a a a a new format meeting for for five days in in Yorkshire There will will still be
all the usual fun and games bible studies etc To register register an an interest and to obtain your booking forms first register register at: https://www eventbrite co uk/e/summer-camp-2022-tickets-209093011827
More information to follow and forms will be
available from early 2022
First in a a a series of occasional opinion pieces on on on social responsibility
In our our Christian teachings we are encouraged to believe 'the poor will always be
with us' In sermons heard by many of us over our lifetimes service to to to Christ have we we ever ever been been told told why? Have we we ever ever been been told told of of how many of of us should live in in poverty in in our town city country or or the world?
There are many questions emanating from the question question which needs answering by our our local councillors and our our government instead of of accepting some biblical character's words which which most of of us do Was the country or or or or or or world in which which those words were
said a a a a poor poor one or or or or or or was it rich like ours? Were the poor poor referred to to be
kept or or or or made deliberately deprived for for a a a a a a reason maybe to to help the the the unpoor feel they are doing Christ's work for for the the the poor by giving How rich does the UK have to to to become to to to to be
able to to to to eliminate poverty if it wanted to? When consideration takes place of of the UK's end of of second world war's poverty in 1945 we have become astronomically rich rich enough to be
number sixth richest in in in in the world with enormous gold [ever increasing in in in in in price] and internationally convertible currency reserves And yet our country is is is in in in a a a a a a financial immoral crisis Our national beneficial application of capitalism's practices have become usurped by holders of of of large amounts of of of capital to the the grave disadvantage of of of our working poor Three times in in in the the last six years investigative journalists worldwide have exposed the tax avoidance schemes exercised by offshore shell company banks and how this continues to affect our nations deprived This Moravian Church has a a a a a mission to our society and its ever present poor because the UK is rich enough to eliminate at at least poverty in in childhood Br Alan Holdsworth

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