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Br Dick Porter reports on the Autumn Conference of Moravian Churches in Yorkshire
Concern at at the the shortage of Moravian ministers in in Yorkshire
was raised at at the the conference Retired minister Sr Kathryn Woolford told delegates: 'We are getting overwhelmed by it ' Baildon Horton and and and Gomersal had no full-time minister and and and there were also vacancies at Salem and and Royton Baildon and Horton were left without a a a a a a minister when Br David Howarth who tended both congregations moved on on on on on to to the Provincial Board Sr Woolford said: 'Our diaries are are full of the need to to fill in in for for services We are are all getting older Of course no no one wants to to say no no no ' ' ' She added that fellow retired minister Bob Hopcroft 'barely has a a a a a a a a a Sunday free between now and Christmas' 'We used to have a a a a a a lot of lay preachers' she said 'but not anymore ' ' Baildon's deputy Sr Marie Hanson called it 'frustrating and upsetting' Br Howarth told the conference: 'We will be in in touch as as soon as as we know something ' Since the the conference Br James Woolford the the new minister at Fulneck has announced he he he he will also be providing some cover for the Baildon church In his report from the the Provincial Board Br Howarth spoke about the the closure of Ockbrook School in in in Derbyshire after 222 years due to insolvency Br Howarth spoke of of Project 32 the 10-year scheme of of mission and and outreach to attract new membership and and team ministry
Fulneck Heritage Day
and to to ensure sustainability To oversee its effective implementation a a a a a a a a a a provincial taskforce is is to to be set up It is is estimated the the the wide-ranging activities within the the the scheme will cost £3 8million over the the next decade Individual reports from each congregation were given to the meeting Gomersal reported 38 members and announced that a a a a a a a a a a loan of of of £50 000 taken out in in 2009 had now been repaid ahead of of of schedule 'due to the generosity of of of members' For Horton it was was said that that membership stood at at at at 34 and that that weekly average attendance had been 30 which was was described as as 'no mean feat' due to the need for social distancing Baildon announced it it it it had 27 members and its Christingle service went ahead last year with singing as as as it it it it was held held outdoors Lower Wyke reported 32 members and said Cafe Church held held every third Sunday was still the best attended Wellhouse reported a a a a a a a a a a a membership of of 14 and and said its usual activities had been much restricted because of of the pandemic Fulneck spoke of 73 members and reported it also held an an outdoor carol service service as as as well as as as the the usual Easter morning service service in in the the the burial ground The drama group had had filmed a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Nativity play based on on the the Wakefield Mystery Cycle and this had had been screened online For the West Yorkshire
Moravian Singers Sr Diane Thornton announced that rehearsals had resumed in in in September with 14 active members one of of whom is Francine Smith the new principal of of Fulneck School The choir's next event will be be a a a a a a concert on on Advent Sunday at Wellhouse The conference held at Baildon in in October ran with Sr Jane Carter in in the chair chair and Br James Woolford as vice chairman 'It might happen' was the the attitude in in the the the spring Well happen happen it it did and what a a a a a a a a a a a fabulous day day we had Food was the the the the theme for the the the day day and permeated all our activities The church display reflected how essential food was to the the settlement fulfilling both the the the physical and and spiritual needs of the the brethren and and sisters Unexpected connections were made ranging from the the the bee's wax used by the the the shoemaker for polishing boots to the the the discovery of penicillin found on on melon bacteria and the later developments discovered by Sir Robert Robinson former Fulneck School pupil The school pupils visited most days and following a a a a a brief introduction explored the the displays themselves Many enquired of myself or or Br James to find out more and raised thoughtful questions The museum was busy all day as as were the the hourly tours around the the settlement Each tour tour included a a a a a a a a short talk about settlement life by a a a a a a a a a a a character in in traditional Moravian 18th century costume Delicious refreshments were enjoyed both inside and and out and and many people took advantage of of the warm sunshine to to chat and enjoy a a a a a a a pot of of tea The visiting vintage Humber car set out with a a a a a a a a a picnic table was popular for photographs and added to to the the enjoyable experience of the day Despite COVID we we we were pleased to welcome quite a a a number of people which made the event worthwhile Sr Myra Dickinson

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