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An opportunity to bid for financial help in establishing a local 'PASS IT ON' Project...

The Provincial Board is taking the opportunity of the "PASS IT ON" theme of the Renewal Committee to offer to congregations the opportunity to bid for grant aid to enable participation in a "PASS IT ON Project". This scheme sets out to encourage congregations to be more outward looking in local mission; grants will be given for well thought out and properly reasoned outreach programs.

This will be "£ for £" matched funding, for a congregation project costed in the region of £500 - £4000.  That is, a congregation will be required to find at least £250, and the province will match such amount to a maximum grant of £1,000.

The sort of project we have in mind would be such as the recent Lower Wyke "Jesus video" scheme, linked with an Alpha course; or perhaps participation in employing an ecumenical youth outreach worker for a local Churches Together group; or the setting up a drop in facility or luncheon club for the wider community. Many possible examples will come to mind. The Renewal Committee is willing to advise and offer suggestions and ideas to any congregations willing to make a commitment. The Committee can be contacted through Br Paul Greenhough. They are also preparing "An Outreach Resource Folder" which will be distributed to congregations.

Congregations should not apply "on a whim", but with a properly argued and costed proposal. And such would be for new work. Each congregation may make one application in this present inter-Synodal period.

No forms; if the minister and Church Committee are interested, just write in to the Provincial Treasurer with a full proposal and budget for consideration by the Provincial Board.

View previous 'PASS IT ON' ideas in the PDF file below.

Download this file (Pass it On 2014.pdf)Pass It On 2014685 Kb


Social Responsibility Committee of the Moravian Church

The Mission of the Social Responsibility Committee is to support the Congregations of the British Province of the Moravian Church in their common discipleship of Jesus; and to encourage and challenge them to be good neighbours in their differing contexts.

The Social Responsibility Committee exists to advise the Moravian Church in Britain on social issues. We are an elected body with four members being elected every two years at our biannual synod and five being elected from the Moravian District Conferences (one member per district). A nominated representative from the Provincial Board also sits on the Social Responsibility Committee. The Chair of the Committee is elected by its members.
The Committee cannot make policy for the Moravian Church – that can only be done at our Synod. However, it can act on policy passed at Synod, help to form Moravian Church policy by presenting motions to Synod, and advise the Moravian Church on current issues.

The Moravian Church is an international Church so we are also guided by resolutions adopted by our Unity Synod which meets every seven years. “The Ground of the Unity”, adopted in 1958 is our understanding of our Church and its mission. “Together with the universal Christian Church, the Moravian Church challenges all with the message of the love of God, striving to promote the peace of the world and seeking to attain what is best for most people.” (The Ground of the Unity)

The information from the Committee is circulated by email, and paper copies to all ministers and other interested people in the Church. This is usually in the form of newsletters and occasionally as discussion papers. These can also be accessed by anyone via the website. The Committee also looks at issues passed on to it by members of the Church, usually through their District Representative on the Committee, and will refer people on to other relevant sources of information.

You are free to use the material contained in this Social Responsibility section for your own use, put please do not change any of it and always remember to give a credit to the author and the source – thank you Most Documents on this site reflect the view of the Social Responsibility Committee. Only Unity Synod Resolutions and Resolutions of the British Province reflect the view of the British Moravian Church as a whole.





(Moravian Womens' Association)

This organisation aims to unite women of all ages in the Province in closer fellowship with one another and in the wider service of God.

The membership meets on a monthly basis in local groups called Circles. The groups share and discuss a common devotional paper and news from around the world and have an opportunity to socialise with each other. Each year the membership raises money for Moravian and non-Moravian projects and charities in an effort to look beyond the confines of our own communities to the wider needs of the world.


The whole membership has the opportunity to meet once a year in the Spring at our MWA Day. This day is a chance to share fellowship, worship and participate in a variety of workshops. These events are usually hosted by the members of the MWA in their congregations or Circles. A retreat is usually held once a year giving members an opportunity to really deepen their faith.

MWA celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2000 and to mark the event the Circles prepared a quilt which hangs in the Chapel at Church House. The quilt depicts important events in the life of Christ and the early Church as well as the Moravian Church.

60thIn 2010, our 60th Anniversary was celebrated and Circles prepared cakes to celebrate the event.

All women, young and old are warmly invited to attend Circle meetings and the annual MWA Day. Women can also join as Associate members and receive an edited version of the papers through the post.

For more information about our organisation, please contact one of the committee members.




Every month the members of the MWA committee publish a paper. You can download and read these papers below.

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