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MORYAC Weekend

Reflections on the Moryac Weekend by Sr. Katie Groves-Bond

Travelling up to the Moryac Weekend, I had no idea what to expect, I had heard it was a lot of fun and a really good weekend but I hadn’t heard about just how much work you would do while you were there and how much you learn.

Upon arrival we were shown to our rooms, given a moment to refresh after travelling and then it was dinner time, and it has to be said that at Shallowford House you do not go hungry. After a 3 course meal with tea and coffee afterwards I was ready to sleep but instead we gathered to watch The Simpsons and look at a bible study relating back to the episode. While I am familiar with doing bible studies in this format, to see it from this angle and to see the work which will go into preparing a study and making it accessible for all ages was an eye opener. After bible study and a worship based on Asia, for the theme of the weekend was Around the World in One Weekend, we settled down to catch up with old friends or get to know new ones and then bed.

The next day after breakfast we had our morning worship based on The Americas where we had to each make a mask in order to teach about the different masks people wear. We then had a very intense session about specials needs and how we can make sure that our youth groups, Sunday schools and all activities in general can be made accessible to everyone and what we can do to help and to have a greater understanding. Afterwards we went outside to play games that we had been asked to prepare and to teach to each other, which allowed us to move around a bit and relax but also got us to consider how we could make these inclusive to everyone. After a fantastic lunch we had free time where some people walked around the grounds, others slept and some of us went shopping. The afternoon session proved to be another intense and difficult session on global issues where we looked at Economic Migration, Child Sponsorship and Child Labour. Each issue proved to be a difficult subject to discuss with no obvious answer or solution and many different arguments surrounding each one and left me feeling quite drained at the end of the session. After dinner we got to work on worship prep for the next day and our evening worship based on Africa, complete with visual aids and an eventual working PowerPoint. Then it was down to the bar for a rather competitive game of Scategories and bed.

The final morning we looked at summer camp and again while I enjoyed summer camp for 8 years I had no idea how much planning and organisation went in to it, how far in advance it had to be sorted out and how much work is put into it in general, something for which I am very grateful for, as it played a very important role in my childhood and is an experience I will never forget. Before lunch we had our worship which involved a couple of very funny drama sketches, a thoughtful meditation, an extremely moving hymn, as well the Cup of Covenant and Right Hand of Fellowship to end with. After a quick evaluation and a roast dinner the weekend was over but though we went our separate ways we each took a lot away with us.

This weekend I’ve learned just how much our youth leaders put into making enjoyable and memorable experiences for the youth and children of the church. We studied important social and global issues and we looked at what we can do as individuals and as a church. This weekend has given me a different way of looking at youth work and just how much thought and consideration goes into it. Though we were a group of people with a mixed age range from 20’s to 60’s encompassing all types of work, including Summer Camp, Sunday Schools and Girls Brigade, it didn’t matter, we were there with one purpose and it has inspired me to get more involved in youth work. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or how old you are, everyone is equal at the Moryac weekend and if you enjoy working with children in the church then I recommend this weekend and I will see you there next year.

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