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Mission & Society Committee of the Moravian Church

The Mission of the Mission & Society Committee is to support the Congregations of the British Province of the Moravian Church in their common discipleship of Jesus; and to encourage and challenge them to be good neighbours in their differing contexts.

The Mission & Society Committee exists to advise the Moravian Church in Britain on social issues. We are an elected body with four members (two members being elected every two years at our biannual synod). The Editor of the Moravian Messenger is part of the Mission & Society committee. There are also nominated representatives from the Provincial Board who also sits on the Mission & Society Committee along with at least one Bishop of the British Province.  The Chair of the Committee is elected by its members.

The Committee cannot make policy for the Moravian Church – that can only be done at our Synod. However, it can act on policy passed at Synod, help to form Moravian Church policy by presenting motions to Synod, and advise the Moravian Church on current issues.

The Moravian Church is an international Church so we are also guided by resolutions adopted by our Unity Synod which meets every seven years. “The Ground of the Unity”, adopted in 1958 is our understanding of our Church and its mission. “Together with the universal Christian Church, the Moravian Church challenges all with the message of the love of God, striving to promote the peace of the world and seeking to attain what is best for most people.” (The Ground of the Unity).

The information from the Committee is circulated by email, and paper copies to all ministers and other interested people in the Church. This is usually in the form of newsletters and occasionally as discussion papers. These can also be accessed by anyone via the website. The Committee also looks at issues passed on to it by members of the Church, and will refer people on to other relevant sources of information.

You are free to use the material contained in this Mission & Society section for your own use, put please do not change any of it and always remember to give a credit to the author and the source – thank you. Most Documents on this site reflect the view of the Mission & Society Committee. Only Unity Synod Resolutions and Resolutions of the British Province reflect the view of the British Moravian Church as a whole.

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