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The Young Peoples Missionary Association (Y.P.M.A.) was established in 1957, this being the 500th anniversary of the founding of the Moravian Church.

The aims of the Y.P.M.A. are:-

To encourage children and young people to learn more about overseas missionary work.

  2. To try and put children and young people in direct contact with many aspects of the overseas missionary work through the media of Y.P.M.A.

  3. To encourage them to share the knowledge they acquire about the overseas work with other people, both young and old.

To support this work, where ever possible, by their own personal giving and prayer and encourage others who may not necessary be members of the Moravian Church to do the same.



Each Y.P.M.A. member is given a Y.P.M.A. collecting card.

At the end of the year each child receives a Y.P.M.A. certificate and depending on how much they have collected during the year receives one of the following awards:-
£5 and over - SILVER BAR
£10 and over - GOLD BAR
£25 and over - PURPLE BAR
£50 and over - BLUE BAR
£75 and over - GREEN BAR
£100 and over - RED BAR
£150 and over - DARK BLUE BAR
£200 and over - FLUX BAR
£250 and over - MAUVE BAR
£300 and over - BROWN BAR

The bars are designed to fix to the Y.P.M.A. badge.

We also have a Y.P.M.A. hymn:-
Jesus our King Thou art,
Our Saviour strong and true;
In Thy dear love we all are joined,
In Thee we live anew.
Bless us Thy reign to spread,
Thy great salvation tell,
Till all the world Thy name adore
And shout “Emmanuel”
(Rev. A. J. Lewis, M.A.)

Sikonge 100 1923-2023


The British Mission Board (BMB) endorses and encourages support for the 100th Anniversary Project, Sikonge 100 in 2023.

The Sikonge Mission Hospital is a faith-based hospital owned by the Moravian Church in Western Tanzania. The hospital was started in 1923 by the British missionary doctor Arthur Kievel, therefore celebrating its 100th Anniversary this year. The hospital covers an area of nearly 28,000 square kilometres mainly consisting of wild forest and small, scattered villages. Approximately 210,000 people live in this area. Many are small subsistence farmers and occasional hunger is not rare. The education level is very low, the infrastructure is bad and the journey to proper health services is long. The number of mothers dying during childbirth and children dying from treatable diseases is heart-breaking. This is the population that Sikonge Mission Hospital serves.

image 003
Sikonge Mission Hospital never rejects a person with a need for urgent treatment or medicine even if they cannot pay. The hospital’s motto is “Patient first”, therefore, when urgent treatment is required the patient comes first and the means to pay is considered afterwards. Many patients are therefore treated without ever being able to pay; they are exempt from payment. But the hospital’s financial ability to give exemptions is limited. They wish to be able to offer treatment and medicine to every single person in need.

image 004
The exemptions follow an official and clear procedure to ensure that everybody is treated equally. It begins with a medical assessment to determine urgency. If the situation is urgent, the patient will be treated first, and the process of exemption will continue afterwards. Assessment of the patient’s vulnerability is measured by a number of factors including their level of poverty and social needs.
Social networks are also an important factor when assessing vulnerability as the extended family will, to a large extent, help each other out in times of need.

image 005
Through the assessment procedure the Hospital ensures that the programme “catches” the poorest of the poor. This might be a widowed mother with a sick child, a poor cancer patient with a need for a big operation, or a pregnant woman from a remote catchment area who has already travelled for hours on poor transport and roads. With our help the Hospital hopes to be able to ensure that no one with a pressing need for treatment or medicine will be left without help due to poverty.

Therefore, we are asking for support for the Exemption Programme to enable the hospital to help to accommodate the great need for free treatment and medicine.

We hope that this project will be taken on by the whole of the British Province. If you would like to donate please contact:

• YPMA Representative

• send to BMB, c/o Lindsey Newens at Church House, payable to Moravian Union marked SIKONGE 100.

• Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. c/o BMB

Photo credits Mia Toldam Korsgård (Sikonge Hospital)

Download our poster

To spread the word about the 2023 YPMA project, simply download and display our poster

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