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Welcome to Your Faith, Your Online World

A multi-denominational project, aimed to support young people across the U.K. explore what it means to have faith, and navigate life online.

We're thrilled that you've recognised the significance of delving into this realm with your youth groups. In contrast with traditional online safety resources, this initiative focuses on the intricate connections between identity, the online world and life today as a Christian.

The aim is to empower youth leaders to facilitate meaningful discussions with young people, guiding individuals to explore the essence of faith while navigating the complexities of the online world. 

This is not another online safety course, but an exploration of what it means to have faith and navigate life online.

The young people involved in the research that underpins this work felt the discussions and reflections were incredibly helpful, we hope this is the same for young people across the country.

We got together with the Baptist Union, the Methodist Church, The Quakers, The Moravian Church, and The Institute for Children Youth and Mission to deliver this national project.

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The project unfolds through four key themes:


My values and my online world: an exploration of our identity as a Christian, pondering on who we are in life and the image we project to others when online.


My relationships and my online world: Navigate the nuances of initiating and sustaining relationships both in real life and the digital realm.


My choices and my online world: Engage in conversations about the extent of choice available online and the impact of faith on the decisions made when navigating life online. 


Keeping myself and others safe in my online world: Exploration of the concept of safety for young people, acknowledging their competence in this area and exploring what they perceive online safety to be. This theme is also an opportunity to seek their advice for both the young and the older generation.

Our journey:

Spring 2023

A project team was formed

A plan was formalised to research, and develop films and resources for young people across all church denominations.

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

Train peer researchers

We trained a team of peer researchers aged 11-16 who helped us design a research project.

Young people were gathered across the country to discuss these important themes.

We captured the learning from a number of focus groups to help us develop the films.

Winter 2023

Films created

We developed edited and created 4 films that showcase the themes of the project. We were grateful for the help from the young people that were part of the research.

We brought in expertise to create resources that can sit alongside the films that can help Youth Leaders plan engaging sessions.

Winter 2023

Spring 2024

Project launch!

We launched this project to serve young people in the U.K.

Links will be provided once the course is built on the learning platform.

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